Poetry is calling you. We are here for you

Poetry is calling you

Poetry is calling you. It wants to save your life.

I testify that poetry saved my life. It did it through the strenght of words that resound from the days when rain spoke to forests that had not known human language yet. It gives me a hand every time the abyss gets closer. It continually points me to the sky.

Every day poetry calls you too. Immortal verses knock at the heart of millions of people. What can we do to respond?

We decided to cross paths and to give life to this movement.

And you may contribute a verse

Walt Whitman

Since we formalized the existence of the Poetry Renaissance movement a few weeks ago, there has been a nuclear explosion that has invaded my everyday life. Hundreds, thousands of people took an interest in Poetry Renaissance, hundreds of people have already signed up. We started to structure a ruling class, organized by regions and by sectors. We already have various commissions that act as working groups: communication, instagram, school… We are about to start with a project that will invest all of Italy with a wave of poetry without equal.

And many now ask me: What can I do with Poetry Renaissance? Why should I join?

Ours is a movement with a small ambition: to save the world through poetry. We do it trying to do our little part. Do you want to join us? Do this:

  • Read our manifesto. If you agree with the content join us.
  • Come and follow us on instagram
  • Join the facebook group: share your poems with us
  • Write us what you do, if you want to put your skills at the service of poetry we will find a way to put them to good use paolo@rinascimentopoetico.it
  • Write us where you are so we can put you in touch with other poets near you: the next step is to create poetic cenacles in every region!
  • Poetry is already saving the world. Poetry is calling you

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